Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hate Mondays

hate mondays

Not only on Mondays, but every day on my way to work I pass this graffiti, and I can't help but nod to its artist; not only for their excellent use of the English language but also for the superb expression of a universal sentiment. As I watch the abundant graffiti in Bilbao quickly being recanvased by the government and born again to a new generation of miscreants, I suspect it's no coincidence that this particular tag line survives.

My workday mornings are literally all uphill: a brisk struggle up to the bus stop, then the commute, followed by another typically sweaty hike up to the school where I teach, which in spite of being rewarded by a pleasant view, doesn't quite curb my 7:00am, Monday-morning attitude. Fortunately the cliché holds true: What goes up must come down, and the day is all downhill from there.

Mondays are my shortest workday, and most of my classes are really enjoyable--most of them. And after classes, I take the scenic route home. 

From Galdakao I hop on the free bus to connect with the metro, but then walk home. The walk takes me through the neighborhoods of Basauri and La Peña, which are places that I probably wouldn't see otherwise. They have a bit of a bad reputation, but I rather like them. There are nice shops and parks, and the walk is a good way to relax and disconnect.

So as much as I admire the spirit my street-artist friend was trying to convey, Mondays are actually one of my favorite workdays. But I still salute him, on Monday and every other day of the week!

arriving in bilbao

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  1. Hola Sammy,
    Yo creo que si encima de ser lunes, tienes que madrugar, hace frío y llueve, todavía peor!!!!!
    Pero gracias a ti seguro que muchos alumnos olvidan rápidamente que es lunes con tu sonrisa!!!