Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Travel Blunders Mean Second Tries


Last year, my brother Rob came to visit for spring break, and we completely, totally, miserably,  failed at going to Morocco. And it was awesome. I still really, really wanted to visit Morocco, though, and because we are very, very fortunate, this year was time for take two!

With this photo of the boarding gate as evidence, I would like to emphasize with my remaining shred of pride that I did indeed book the tickets. While my roommate supervised under careful instruction.

the arc de triomphe in volubilis

Last year we gained an amazing adventure, but lost all credibility, so this time around the parents thought it best to tag along. And book a guide. Secretly, I think that they wanted to see where we'd end up this time and get in on the adventure! Here we all are at the arc de triomphe in Volubilis, celebrating our victory.

Quick goodbyes and racing through the bus station made the return trip much more typical of my character, but we all made it home safely and photos and stories are on the way.

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