Monday, November 28, 2011

San Martiño

Los gallegos son muy panaderos, y muy de tomar!

I’m not sure that my Spanish is correct here—but the Galicians I have met while living in Cangas are always telling me this: That people here love bread and they love to drink! Especially wine. Writing a will is completely out of the question here, so land tends to be divided into increasingly smaller and unusual portions, but regardless of size and placement most people with a finca have grape vines and they make their own wine at home. San Martiño was my first festival and I loved it! In Spain the holidays tend to be associated with two things: a Catholic saint and a lot of good food! San Martiño is celebrated in the neighboring town of Moaña where there is a lovely Roman chapel. There is of course a mass, but most people come for the fantastic furanchos. Around the church people open their homes to the public to sell their extra homemade wine with tapas. This alone is an excellent notion, but drinking the wine from a bowl definitely made the event special!

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